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Shark_WeekWith the World Cup (victoriously) behind us, you may be wondering what could possibly fill that television void in your life…or you could be in the middle of a Shark Week bender, and in no need of my help. For the rest of you…it’s Shark Week!Love them or fear them (shame on you, Steven Spielberg, shame on you), it’s impossible to not love the fact that there is an entire week of television programming dedicated to sharks, and this year’s programming promises to have more actual science!

In the past, Discovery has stooped to some pretty low blows to get ratings up for this week, and it’s worked. Last year 40 million people tuned in, but at what cost? It seems like a slap in the face to dedicate a whole week to these misunderstood creatures, only to slap them in the fin with this:

Now, if you’d rather watch Sharknado 7, than a documentary about the dangers of feeding sharks, that’s your prerogative (sort of, the victims of shark attacks, might not thank you for it though) but anything that kind of programming belongs on ScyFy, not Shark Week.

NPR: After Sketchy Science, Shark Week Promises To Turn Over A New Fin

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  1. every week is Shark Week in North Carolina…with apologies to the victims…

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