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We Won!

If I were prone to U.S.A. chants, I might break into one now…but I’m not, so here’s a GIF instead.

I’m so excited, I’ll even applaud Google for making a victory Doodle for Team U.S.A…even though they totally dropped the ball for the rest of the tournament (you are part of the problem Google).

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.06.36 PM

Twitter, you on the other hand, are amazing. Thank you for the hashflags, stats, and enthusiastic insights. Google, try to be more like Twitter.

It was a World Cup Final for the history books, with a score you might expect from the World Series. Seriously 5-2 is an insane score for a soccer (football) game (match).

And now, after a month of soccer (football) enthusiasm (albeit slightly less than that displayed for the men’s tournament. What do the ladies have to do to get your attention advertisers? Win the World Cup? Done.), it’s time for America to ignore the sport until the next international competition—the Olympics.

This fair-weather enthusiasm (and perhaps the fact that Pearl Harbor was trending during the World Cup Final game…face palm) is why (as Slate so aptly stated) we can’t have nice things America.

But, I’ll put my finger wagging aside for a moment (I’m coming back for you, Pearl Harbor tweeters). Today is for celebrating the incredible excellence of these women. A huge congrats to the U.S. Women’s team. I think Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls said it best:

…bi-daily smile…



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  1. I figure I enjoyed it and too damn bad for the folks who never tuned in…

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