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american flagHappy Sunday!

Today, with less than a week until the 4th, Americans are proudly waving flags of a different (and every) color across this nation, with a little extra pride in their country. 

No doubt the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage will color the national conversation this 4th of July and beyond, as it should, but being a proud American woman, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t remind you all of the other reason for national pride this week—our kick-ass women’s soccer team.

If you haven’t been following the tournament, there’s still time, mostly because the U.S. women’s team is amazing, and keeps winning. They’re on to the semi-finals, and on an actual network now (Fox Sports 1, guys? Really?), and just because Google still doesn’t care enough to spend the amount of time and effort they did on the World Cup last summer, doesn’t mean we can’t be better than them.

Now pardon me, for a brief Google rant: Seriously Google, the contrast is embarrassing. I have to be very specific with my searches to get anything close to a game schedule. Last year a USA search pulled up a carefully designed complete schedule with rosters, bios, and play-by-play…and don’t get me started on the Google Doodles. Daily Doodles for the men, the ladies got a shout out on day 1 and nothing since. Although to be fair, you’re probably too busy creating daily Doodles for the Copa América…the men’s soccer tournament going on in South America right now. Really Google?!?…but I digress…

Team USA takes on Germany Tuesday night (6 central) on FOX. Don’t miss it.


…bi-daily smile…



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  1. OMC says:

    Next up…Doodle equality…come on, Justice Roberts…

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