…face the truth

selfieFellow members of the human  race, it’s time to admit a difficult truth. That distant reality that we’ve long-feared has arrived—the machines have won.Don’t act so surprised, we all knew this day was coming, and now Facebook’s facial recognition algorithm officially doesn’t need to see your face to identify you (seems like a misnomer at this point, it’s more like identity recognition). It’s over folks, time to throw in the towel.

We had a good run, accomplished a lot, contributed our bit—fire, the wheel, sliced bread. All good things.

Now, we’ve reached a point of no return when the machines can identify and locate us from a mere shot of the back of our heads. It’s been real. Peace out.


Gizmodo: Facebook Says It Can Now Recognize You from the Back of Your Head

…bi-daily smile…



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bets says:

    Go Cardinals!

  2. OMC says:

    first, the garage door will refuse to open…

  3. Pre Ceded says:

    Well of course since the come after us, they should be used to looking at the backs of our heads

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