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St_Louis_Cardinals_1967-1997_logoI’m about to type words that will never happen, ever again, so make note: It’s a rotten day for Cardinal’s fans.There’s never a good day for your baseball team to be investigated for cyber crimes. What I really don’t understand is why we were spying on the Astro’s. No offense Houston, but given the choice of spying on any team in baseball, the choice seems random.

The fact remains, this is all hearsay at this point. So, all of you haters out there, remember the Cardinals are innocent until proven guilty…and their fans had nothing to do with it either way…so be kind, we have fragile egos…we’re not used to losing.

I joke, but the fans the real victims here (allegedly). We’ve been hated by most of the rest of the league for years, (The 2014 Baseball Playoffs Hateability Index) and those haters may see this as an opportunity to up the ante.

Much like other fans of apparent cheaters (Boston, you know I love you), we’ll stand by our team no matter how foolhardy it may become (Boston, you know what I’m talking about…#deflategate). In the we’ll, cling to their innocence, until it’s proven otherwise.

Finally, some less depressing sports news, don’t forget to cheer on Team USA tonight, 7 central.

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  1. cheaters gonna cheat, cheat, cheat, cheat…it hurts…

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