…Face Reality


Odds are, if you’re an avid Facebook user, your probably already well aware of its ways of tracking and calculating your interests. If you’re not, well, consider this your unofficial lesson.

Like a post on kittens, suddenly your newsfeed is a little more adorable and fuzzy. Click on a link about saving the polar bears, and you’ll start to feel really guilty about not recycling that water bottle.

The point is, you make a move, Facebook makes a note of it…until now. Facebook is updating their algorithm, and it’s about to get a lot more creepy.

Now, instead of just tracking actual actions like a “like” or clicking on a link, it will also keep track of your inaction. In other words, you might want to think twice before you linger on that questionable post from your more “extreme” Facebook friends. 

Maybe you had to rejoin reality for a second, or maybe you just forgot to close out the app or shutdown your computer, either way, social network will now assume you have an interest in any post you don’t quickly scroll past.

Sounds great, right? Or at least like a great opportunity to take inventory on who shows up on your newsfeed. 


More on the Story: TechCrunch

…just for fun:


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  1. could be bad news for anyone who gets distracted while surfing…

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