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One of the wonderful things about film, is the infinite number of interpretations. One movie can be experienced a million different ways. While the film itself may be static, the way you experience it is always changing. As we change, so do the films we love.

I say all of this because of an article about a particular film that has garnered quite a bit of attention.

The movie in question is “GoodFellas.” The article at the center of the debate, should you wish to read it, was published by the NY Post.

If you’d like to save some time though, I can sum it up for you. It’s based on gender-stereotypes, and in the end is a one-sided, one-dimensional account of one person’s interpretation, and experience with “GoodFellas.”

Most importantly, it was meant to be offensive. You don’t title something, “Women are not capable of understanding ‘GoodFellas’,” without hoping that it will start trending on Twitter.

The movie itself isn’t even really important, to be honest. In fact, everything after the first four words could be left out, and this title alone would have lit a few fires. Which is what it was meant to do, and did.

In other words, if you really want to make a statement my fellow women, let it go. Each of us are more than a stereotype, and we know that. Shouldn’t that be enough?

More on the Story: NY Post

…just for fun:

RIP, Mr. Lee.


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