…Cast a Spell

HogwartsAmerican Harry Potter fans received some exciting news today. It turns out that your eagerly awaited admissions letter to Hogwarts did not get lost in the owl post. Instead, the prestigious school of witchcraft and wizardry’s U.S. counterpart dropped the ball.

J.K. Rowling (the creator of the HP series, for any muggles reading this) announced via Twitter today, that the American version of Hogwarts will be featured in the new Harry Potter spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Needless to say, this made a lot of American nerds very happy, and has of course started a debate over just where this magical institution might be located.

So far, we’ve officially narrowed it down to “not New York.”So, the possibilities, for now, are endless. Other clues include:

  • A name of immigrant origin – So, linguistically speaking, that means it could be derived from any language, except those of the Native Americans.
  • Indigenous magic played a part in the schools creation — so Native Americans weren’t completely cut out of the American magic world…hopefully that means early American witches and wizards were at least a bit kinder than their muggle counterparts.

And that’s it.

Personally, I’m hoping for a location far from either coast. Seems to me that it would make sense to have the school centrally located, and far away from any extremely large cities…but that’s just my humble opinion. On that extremely nerdy note, I’ll leave you to imagine and speculate.

More on the Story: Washington Post

…just for fun:


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  1. Nice picture!

  2. clearly it should be in Springfield…if Bart Simpson isn’t a wizard, who is??? Side note – really enjoyed watching Jessica Williams go full Potter-nerd on last night’s Daily Show…

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