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It’s mere hours until Team USA’s game of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Are you ready?

International soccer has been in the headlines plenty over the last few weeks and for just about all of the wrong reasons, and with all of the scandalous accusations and indictments flying around, a seemingly lesser offense stayed under the radar. FIFA made the “brilliant” (those are sarcasm quotes) to make the women play on artificial turf. Needless to say, the word sexist has been thrown around a bit, and this will likely be a bloody tournament (literally…have you seen how much time soccer/football players spend throwing themselves on the ground?). Not to mention a hot one (literally, again…artificial turf heats things up significantly).

I’m not going to try to convince you to support the women’s team, just like you did for the men’s team last year, but I am going to refer you to Zer’s post from last week that did just that.

Now, for the guilt trip:

Based on the kind of coverage and support they receive, it may be difficult to believe, but the US Women’s Team has had a far more victorious history. Yes, it’s a briefer one, but that makes it all the more impressive. Google, I’m noticing a major step down in the Doodle efforts thus far, let’s step it up.

Men’s World Cup (game days featured several animated doodles, building anticipation for matches):

Women’s World Cup (it’s not bad, it’s just a noticeable decrease in effort):



There’s still time to fix this.

For the non-Google’s out there, step one is watching this evening’s game (6:30 central), and supporting our team. Perhaps on Twitter, too, with their awesome event hashtags and hashflags:

Now, I’ll step down off of my soap box. Today is not about FIFA being a corrupt/male-dominated organization, today is about national pride.

Today, we get to simply enjoy the sport, and cheer on our country’s better soccer (football) half (it’s true, the women’s team is far more successful than the men’s team).


…bi-daily smile…



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  1. OMC says:

    success levels don’t even compare…Go Team USA!!!

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