…Put One Foot In Front of the Other


running shoes
It’s the first Wednesday of June, which can only mean one thing…it’s National Running Day!

Okay, odds are good you probably didn’t know that. It’s a relatively new national “holiday,” so I’ll forgive you for not knowing.

Founded in 2009, National Running Day is celebrating its 7th year, and as its name strongly suggests, it celebrates all things running. Yes, that includes you, non-runners (aka — future runners). 

Today is all about being active, whether you’re a world class athlete, jogger, plodder, brisk-walker, or a not-so-brisk-walker. After all, one person’s brisk walk is another person’s sprint. It’s all relative, and every little bit of extra activity counts. 

So, get out there and celebrate today. Have a happy and active National Running Day!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    can’t walk without a limp, haven’t been able to run in two months, signed up for a half-marathon today…no, I’m not a runner…

  2. Hume Or Me says:

    I think this day, inspired Rick Perry to take his foot out of his mouth and put it forward as a presidential candidate.

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