netflixNetflix addicts, you may have already heard the news, but if not, I would like to apologize for being the one to deliver this disappointing news.

Netflix is adding commercials, sort of.

I included the sort of, to keep anyone on the edge from going into total meltdown mode…it is Monday after all.

Although, I promise it’s not as horrible as it sounds. If commercials are added to the streaming service, they will not interrupt you mid-program. They’ll act as bookends to your selected program.

Yes, I know if you’re a television binge-viewer this means you may have a bit of a break in between episodes, but that may not be a bad thing.

Assuming you’re not able to easily fast-forward through the ad, just think of the positives of this interlude between episodes. It will give you time to determine if you really want to dedicate another 20 minutes to an hour to this particular series. Maybe you might appreciate it more if you wait a day or so to continue? Or perhaps the series has one too many flaws that you would had overlooked if you didn’t have this downtime to digest and process?

Come to think of it, these Netflix ads could open a whole new world of possibilities…possibly outside of their streaming service.

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…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    shouldn’t affect me too much…what’s a Netflix???


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