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It’s been a rough week for FIFA. With the focus being mainly on the corruption of the association itself, you may be unaware that we’re less than a week away from the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Okay, so odds are that if you’re pretty much anywhere but the U.S., you’re completely aware that the Women’s World Cup is coming up. So, I’m directing this next plea towards our U.S. readers — please do not avoid the Women’s World Cup.

I realize it may seem like the right thing to do. After all, FIFA is an obviously corrupt organization, which you now know because CNN told you so. But I have some news for you, this is not new. It’s a well-known fact that FIFA is involved in some shady dealings, and it has been for years. The big news, is that someone is finally doing something about it.

So, I once again ask you, please do not take this out on the Women’s World Cup. If you need more than that, here are some other reasons to watch:

  • The U.S. women’s team is really good. Unlike the men’s team they’ve actually won the World Cup (twice).
  • The Women’s World Cup is in Canada this year. Which may not sound super exciting, but they also didn’t use slave labor to build any of their stadiums, and they’re not currently “not” invading Ukraine. Also, it won’t be oppressively hot during any of the games.
  • This is only the seventh FIFA Women’s World Cup. The first women’s tournament wasn’t held until 1991, 61 years after the men’s first tournament. The point, they need our support.

If that’s not enough for you, well, I don’t know what to say. While FIFA may be going through a much needed investigation and (hopefully) restructuring, at the end of the day the beautiful game (soccer/football) is not FIFA and vice versa. 

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  1. OMC says:

    tell the moose they didn’t use any slave labor…

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