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Generally, the 2WC covers the sport of soccer (football to most of you) for one reason: The World Cup (technically that’s two, but you know what I mean). It’s not a sport we spend an exceptional amount of time on,  but extraordinary and bizarre situations call for a break from the ordinary, and the raid of FIFA headquarters, followed by the arrest of seven (so far) officials definitely qualifies as both extraordinary and bizarre.

If you’re in the dark on what exactly I’m talking about, you’ve clearly not been anywhere near a computer or television screen today, and I salute you…unless of course you’re trapped under something heavy, then you should probably send for help. If you’re not trapped under something heave, definitely check out the USA Today linked to below to catch up on arguably the biggest news story of the day.

I think the big takeaway of the day, for me, is this: Never in my life have I been tempted to join a U.S.A. chant, it’s just not who I am, but today’s FIFA crackdown made me a little proud of us.  I know we’re kind of notorious for putting our noses and armies where they don’t belong, but you have to admit this was bad ass. Plus, think about what a great movie it’s going to make. Hollywood, get on that.


USA Today: 8 things to know about the U.S.’s corruption charges against FIFA

…bi-daily smile…

Something tells me John Oliver is very happy right now:


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  1. the sheer size of the alleged bribes is astounding…I’m waiting to see just where the Nike “shoe” drops…

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