Another week, another strange fixation for the Internet to obsess over. What’s this week’s focus? The masked wonder himself—the Hamburglar.

No, not that Hamburglar…

This Hamburglar:

The Hamburglar is all grown up, slimmed down — and with a family.

McDonald’s has revamped this carnivorous kleptomaniac and the Internet is up in arms about it. The debate: Is he hot or creepy?

People, that is the wrong question. His hotness and/or creepiness is completely muted by the fact that he is a full-grown man who steals other people’s’ cheeseburgers. Yet, he still manages to be less creepy than McDonald’s other recently updated mascot:

Keep tackling the tough topics, Internet.


TIME: The Internet Can’t Decide if the New McDonald’s Hamburglar Is Hot or Creepy

…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    probably could have let that mascot fade away, McD’s…gotta fall clearly on the side of creepy…


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