…Take Flight

Superman_Pink_Juniors_Shirt_POPComic-book-based television shows had another win today. “Supergirl” was officially picked up today by CBS for its 2015-2016 season.

Which means, if it wasn’t already official, it is now, comics have taken over television. Also, vampires have officially been dethroned as the lords of pop culture.

Don’t believe me?

Well then you don’t watch a lot of TV, or you’re unaware of just how many shows have their roots in comics.

  • “Gotham”
  • “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
  • “Walking Dead”
  • “Arrow”
  • “The Flash”
  • “Constantine” – possibly cancelled after its first season, but it still counts.
  • “Daredevil” – Netflix, but it still counts too.
  • “iZombie”
  • “Agent Carter”

And that’s only if you’re counting the major networks. Plus there’s a slew of rumored and in-the-works shows.

Basically, the nerds have taken over.

In the world of pop culture, it’s an exciting time to be a nerd, and if you’re not a nerd…well, you’re probably just in denial.

More on the Story: Variety

…just for fun:


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  1. Nerds rule…whether you know it or not…

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