…Come Together

  Science and religion put aside their usual oil-and-vinegar relationship this week to discuss climate change. Believe it or not, the Vatican has an opinion on rising global temperatures, and it might surprise you.

The Vatican hosted a meeting this week which invited scientific, religious, and political leaders to discuss the issue of climate change. The resulting statement suggests that 2015 may be our last chance to save the world from total anialation (more or less). That is if we want to keep the Earth from turning into a frozen/scorching wasteland.

Considering that previous scientific opinions have determined that we past the point of no return several decades ago, it’s incredibly optimistic. But they do have a direct line to the ultimate authority on everything, so we have to assume that they have some additional insider information.

Anyway’s the point is, we have no time to lose, even though we do have more time than previously thought. Here’s hoping the Almighty doesn’t consider 102 in the shade to be an acceptable temperature.

More on the Story: Washington Post

…just for fun:  


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  1. and the St. Louis Zoo announced this week that Kali the polar bear is coming to the ‘Lou…just wait until August, Kali…

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