minecraft-alexLadies, we’ve done it! Take a second to take in your surroundings. You’ll want to remember exactly where you were when you heard this news—Minecraft characters now include a free lady option!

Do you hear that? That is the sound of the pixellated glass ceiling shattering. We won!

To be fair, “Steve” was originally meant to be gender neutral:

As you can tell by his design and name, that didn’t exactly take, and female players felt a little left out by the design choice.

Previously players could build their own female character, but it was an extra cost within a generally free game: “Sure, ladies you can make a character that looks like you! That’ll be $2.50.”

Today is an exciting victory, but let’s not rest on our laurels ladies. Today, Minecraft. Tomorrow, MarioKart (Princess Peach is lonely at the top).

Washington Post: Minecraft is finally fixing its huge gender problem

…bi-daily smile…

Happy Avengers’ Week everybody!


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  1. to say that the character “looks like you” is hopefully a stretch…unless you are Ivan Drago from Rocky IV…

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