Believe it or not, it’s been several months since Sony was hacked by…well, honestly I’m thinking most of us can’t even remember if we’re allowed to say it was North Korea. So, let’s just call them serious James Franco and Seth Rogen fans.

Months after this terrifying security breach, believe it or not, it’s back in the news. This time, it’s thanks to WikiLeaks. 

This past week, the organization posted an archive of the stolen information.  If that’s not convenient enough for you, it’s also indexed and searchable.

It seems like a harmless enough act, after all, this information was already leaked. However, that doesn’t mean it’s now part of the public domain. 

More importantly it doesn’t mean that everyone has the right to access it. Unless, of course, Sony’s actions in some way are impacting the health, safety, or overall wellbeing of, well anyone, I fail to see why the public has a right to access this private information.

If you don’t agree, just take a moment to think about how it would feel to have even the most mundane of your work or personal emails posted online for anyone to access. 

It’s an invasion of privacy, end of story. Shame on you, WikiLeaks.

More on the Story: NY Times

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  1. Interesting debate…there is a large group of people who believe everything should be public – WikiLeaks among them…actually, they believe everything that people they don’t agree with ever thought, said or wrote should be made public…be careful what you wish for…

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