…Pull Your Finger


michelangelo-sistine-chapel-hands-fqlg3cpkScience has removed the magic from another one of life’s great mysteries. This “discovery’s” victim is the age-old phenomenon of knuckle cracking.

To be honest, I thought we already had this “mystery” figured out. However, a recent study conducted by researcher’s at the University of Alberta, would suggest otherwise.

Or, more likely, they really wanted to conduct a study called the “pull my finger study.”

In case you’re curious, it turns out that popping noise is caused by a gas-filled bubble that’s created by a drop in pressure when the joints separate. If you’re still interested, there’s also a really gross video of what it looks like in an MRI.

For those who aren’t curious, I regret to inform you, that it’s too late, you’ve already learned something to today. Enjoy your newfound knowledge.

More on the Story: USA Today


One Comment Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    Unwanted knowledge bomb…so, turns out Mom was right…

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