…drone on



I want you all to do something for me. Step outside, look up, take a deep breath, enjoy the security you feel right now, and let it go.  Amazon’s been cleared to test out drone deliveries…for real this time.

Last month Amazon got permission from the FAA to test a drone that was in fact not being used by Amazon anymore, so it basically meant nothing. Now they have the drones and the permissions they were looking for.

Don’t panic, but you may want to invest in a helmet for everyday outside time, and perhaps one for your pet. This is right up there with flying cars. Great idea in theory, but the reality is terrifying. You think bad drivers are a bear on the ground just imagine what could go wrong in the air.

I am all for convenience, but I’d prefer my convenience to arrive on a truck, or a bike, not on a terrifyingly small flying object that could descend with a delivery, unsuspecting at any moment…but I’m sure it’s convenient.

Cherish these final moments when the list of things that could suddenly plummet from the skies does not include Amazon drones…


Gizmodo: Amazon Can (Finally) Test Its Delivery Drones In the United States

…bi-daily smile…

Seriously, drones suck:


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  1. look…up in the sky…it’s a bird…no, it’s a plane…no, it’s an incredibly not that urgent delivery from Amazon…

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