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This Flick Friday, I thought I’d take a break from the big screen, and focus on the slightly smaller screen.

It’s still a few weeks until “Game of Thrones” returns but fans are already eagerly anticipating the arrival of season five. As if that wasn’t enough to have fans of the epic television series in a tizzy, now it’s been announced that India will be getting its own version of the popular show.

Even better, the details of the show aren’t set in stone, yet. Which, of course, means that we can speculate (and suggest) to our hearts’ content.

So far, it’s been reported that the series will be based on the George R. R. Martin book series…which is what you would expect. However, there is also a rumor that it will take place in 1857 and will focus on the political plotting of powerful women. 

Personally, I have one request. Make it a musical. I mean go full-on Bollywood on that plot (whichever one you go with). Seriously, just consider it for a second. The Red and Purple weddings would have seriously benefited from an over-the-top dance number.

In fact, HBO, I think the US version could use a musical episode. Something to think about as you quickly catch up with George R. R. Martin’s typewriter.

More on the Story: A.V. Club

 …just for fun:



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  1. Not a viewer but seems like an adaptation of West Side Story might fit the bill here…

  2. Justmet Agirl Namedmarie

    OMC funnily enough just like West Side Story there’s no end to the popular and good characters taking it on the nose (spear, arrow, sword, dagger etc) in Game Of Thrones.

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