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original-barbie-dollHappy Barbie Day!

Yes, believe it or not, that’s an actual holiday. Although technically, it would be more accurate to call it Barbie’s birthday, since Barbie made her debut on this date in 1959.

I know. She looks really good for 56.

She may only be 11 inches tall, but through out her long career she’s kind of been a big deal. Of course, that kind of fame comes with a price. She’s been accused of being a bad role model, setting unrealistic and back breaking standards of beauty to young girls, and promoting negative stereotypes of women.

However, through it all, Barbie has kept her head (except when your younger brother pulled it off), and turned into a woman of the 21st century, complete with her many careers including astronaut, ambassador for world peace, and president of the United States. She’s even managed to maintain her long term relationship with Ken, albeit, with a few bumps along the way.

So much for setting unrealistic standards for young girls…

Still, I guess it’s her day, so Happy Birthday Barbie! Here’s to another 56 years of setting the bar really high for your many fans.

More on the Story: History.com

…just for fun:



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