laptop-broken-100223-02Dear, people of the Internet,

We need to have a talk. I think we can all agree, it’s been a weird week.

You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t then this letter is not for you.

The rest of you: we need to stop talking about the black/blue/white/gold dress…and the llamas while we’re at it. They’re cute (the llamas) and mind-bending (the science behind the dress that just might start WWIII), but we need to stop. The Internet is a wonderful tool for communication, creation, and distraction.

This week has made the latter very evident. How many of you didn’t even notice that the same Internet that brought you that infuriating dress and those renegade llamas (they just want to run free), won a major victory for net neutrality this week? How many of you have absolutely no idea what that means?

I suppose, I should be glad that we live in a time where petty battles over the color of a dress on Tumblr, and afternoon viewing parties of llamas on the loose are possible, and what better testament to the joys of treating all Internet content equally, than this week’s antics. Just keep it in perspective people.

Sincerely yours,




…bi-daily smile…

R.I.P. birthday buddy:

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I've been blogging since 2009 along with my twin sister Zer. Together we are 2WC. I blog. I run. I love books, theater, movies, optimism, Oxford commas, and caffeine.

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  1. dress color – massive uproar…incredibly significant FCC ruling – no idea what it means…I remain Team Spock…

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