…Look Ahead

2wc-film crusadeHappy Flick Friday!

Now that the Oscar season is over, it’s time to look forward to some less prestigious films. They may not be Oscar hopefuls, but they do have more high-speed chases, fight sequences, special effects, and musical numbers.

Unfortunately, this week is review free, but here are some films coming in the not too distant future:

This cannot come out soon enough —

This one really doesn’t need an intro, but here you go anyway — Marvel —

Okay, so this one might actually get an Oscar nod, but it seemed wrong to keep it off the list —

…just for fun:

R.I.P. Mr. Spock –


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  1. I don’t always watch the trailers and I never comment on them, but “Pitch Slapped” and “what an inspiration to girls all over this country who are too ugly to be cheerleaders” – I will see PP2 in the theater!

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