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We’re one week away from Oscar Sunday! Since we’re sure they’re busy with last-minute preparation, we thought we’d give the Academy a hand.

As we’re sure many of you have already noticed, the Academy miscounted their nominees for Best Picture this year (…again). After several years of only 9 nominees, this year has a mere 8.

For those who aren’t familiar with the nominee protocol, there are actually 10 slots for Best Picture. As in, they can have 10, theoretically, but their extremely complicated vote-tallying math keeps getting in the way.

Considering the sheer number of films that are produced, the fact that they are unable to figure out a way to actually have 10 nominees is laughable. So, in order to help the committee out, and we’d each like to help fill one of those two remaining spots.

The Missing Best Picture Nominees

Zer: “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” — If you, like many, would like to write this film off as simply not Oscar material, a summer blockbuster, popcorn flick, or pure spectacle, I have one word for you — “Avatar.” It will never cease to amaze me that this film gained the devoted-following, and prestige that it did. It’s pure spectacle, and made false claims about pioneering motion-capture technology, which had already been created and seamlessly integrated in films before it…but I digress.

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” has taken the kitschy universe created in the original films and turned it into a sophisticated, compelling story that a modern audience can appreciate. Oh, and it has taken motion-capture acting to a whole new level. The computer generated characters in this film fit flawlessly in with their live-action surroundings. It’s a truly amazing and inspiring film, both technically and aesthetically.

Stephanie: “Into the Woods” — Is it a perfect adaptation of the stage production? No, but it never was going to be. The fact is, it’s an incredibly well-done adaptation of a beloved story, with incredible performances, and it’s beautifully done in every way. It’s a visually stunning movie. That and the fact that Emily Blunt was robbed of a nomination, no offense to Meryl Streep, whom I love, but between the two of them Emily Blunt’s the one who deserved the nomination. She was perfect.

…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    Both are worthy.


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