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netflixFor a loyal fan following, there’s nothing more painful than actually waiting for new episodes of your favorite show…or so we thought. Turns out, there is something worse—Netflix.

Yesterday, for approximately 30 minutes, “House of Cards” fans were the lucky beneficiaries of a “technical glitch.” Interpret those quotes as you see fit. I personally imagine them as the tears of whoever hit the wrong button (it’s going to be okay buddy). Or perhaps they’re tears of joy from the marketing genius who came up with the brilliant plan of “accidentally” leaking the third season more than two weeks early.

Either way, Netflix has a handful of fans who actually got to see a half hour of episode one to answer to….and the rest  of us who innocently stumbled across major spoilers from those handful of people who thought posting about an episode that most of us won’t see for another fortnight (and then some) was a good idea. I’ve seen things that cannot be unseen.

And with that, the time has come to move on, and begin another Oscars countdown. It starts tomorrow, folks. Get excited!!! See you all on the other side (February 23rd).

Politico: New ‘House of Cards’ season goes online by mistake

…bi-daily smile…

Happy Darwin Day!

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  1. OMC says:

    on a positive note, if you’ve never seen even two minutes of any episode of House of Cards, life goes on pretty much uninterrupted…


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