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Here at 2WC, we have never shied away from sharing our love of coffee, and I am always ready to sing the praises of its new-found benefits. It’s a subject I never tire of sharing the latest and greatest scientific findings on, and today’s a good one.

The wondrous benefits of coffee have been pouring in lately. Basically, it makes you a melanoma resistant, calorie burning superhero.

Yes, you read right, coffee drinkers have a 20 percent lesser chance of developing melanoma (if they consume an average of four cups a day, so get drinking).

Not only that, pre-workout coffee can increase the number of calories you burn, and mid-workout coffee can make you a tennis star…if you already happen to be Serena Williams (details).

So, the way I see it, you start your day with some calorie burning java, end it with an hour at the gym (or a glass of red wine, which is apparently the same thing), and you’ll be in skin-cancer fighting shape in no time. Bottoms up!

Yahoo! News: Here’s An Easy Way To Burn More Calories

…bi-daily smile…


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  1. OMC says:

    Zer, I think I see another layer of protection here…or do coffee drinkers just stay out of the sun because heat and hot drinks don’t particularly go together real well???just to be safe I’m going to grab another cup…

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