…Take Heart

red_delicious_appleThey say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if that health plan fails, a different kind of Apple might soon be helping your health.

Apple (with a big “A”) has rolled out its HealthKit at many of the nation’s top hospitals.

What is HealthKit, and why is it being used by hospitals across the country?

Don’t worry, your doctor won’t be taking medical advice from their iPhone. However, they may be taking some helpful tips from your iPhone.

HealthKit is a repository for patient-generated health information like blood pressure, weight or heart rate.  And yes, that patient-generated health info comes from your smartphone…with your knowledge and permission, of course.

If that’s not enough invasion…I mean helpful health tools for you, then just wait until the Apple Watch is released in April. You’ll never make a move again without your doctor (and Apple) knowing about it.

More on the Story: Reuters

…just for fun:

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  1. and yet the masses will line up and say that it is good…

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