…Ad It Up

2015-superbowl-logoWith only a few days to go until Super Bowl XLIX, the game day ad campaigns are already in full swing.

While part of the joy of watching the Super Bowl is checking out all the new commercials, in recent years, advertisers have removed the excitement and anticipation that use to be a part of the big night. Now all we have to get excited for is the half-time show…and the game, too.

In some cases, though, the ads act as a teaser for what’s in store. Which means those of us who can’t decide which Super Bowl hopeful we dislike the least, still have something to look forward to.

In case you missed them, here are some of the highlights leading up to Sunday’s game:


More on the Story: Variety

…just for fun:

In honor of the 202nd anniversary of “Pride and Prejudice”…

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  1. Here’s betting Go Daddy’s “replacement” ad features a lost puppy finding a good home…oh, and I hope the game ends in a double-forfeiture…

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