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Untitled design (49)As I’m sure you all know, New England is in the midst of a (downgraded, but still impressive) snow storm, with some areas getting up to three feet. And for all of our followers in that area, be safe.

As the east coast braced for this monster of a storm, the rest of us sat back and watched scenes of mile-long grocery lines, empty grocery shelves, and headlines harkening the lack of kale and lettuce…and wait…kale and lettuce?

You’re worried about being trapped in your home for several days and you’re stocking up on greens? I applaud the commitment to healthy eating, but your entertainment selections clearly don’t feature enough apocalyptic plots. Those greens are perishable.

Truth is, you will all probably be able to dig yourselves out of your one day of hibernation in time to make it to the grocery store to replenish that stash of kale. Still, remember this, when the snowmaggedon goes down, that kale will be the first thing to go south, so I hope you got some canned goods and rice to go with your greens.

In all seriousness though, stay safe and cozy my friends, we’ll see you in the spring.

Slate: Storm a-Brewin’—Let’s Hit Trader Joe’s!

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Meryl gets it you greens fiends you:


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  1. 45 and sunny in the ‘Lou…here in the Midwest, the items of choice to hoard before a storm are the classics – bread and milk. Kale – not so much…

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