Twitter_logo_blueAs winter storm Juno bears down on the east coast, a storm of a different nature is taking over the Twitter-sphere.

Not surprisingly, Twitter has something to say about this catastrophic weather event, and even less surprising, a lot of it has an air of humor.

For those not following #Blizzardof2015 (or if you prefer, #Snowmageddon2015), the social commentary ranges from helpful:

to informative:

to adorably funny:

Of course, in spite of the sometimes humorous commentary, and ridiculous names, this is a serious storms. So to all those in its path, stay safe, stay warm, enjoy your snow day, and we expect plenty of epic snow pictures posted on Twitter…after the storm.

More on the Story: TIME

…just for fun:

I couldn’t help myself. Enjoy!


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  1. in breaking news, Iceland’s army has walked across the frozen ocean and reclaimed Bangor, Maine as their ancient capital. US Forces will respond when the temperature climbs above 20 degrees and it is safe for them to wait at the tank stop…

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