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american flagTonight, President Obama gives his sixth State of the Union address. If you haven’t already set aside an hour of your evening (9/8 CT), then you might want to reconsider.

First of all, all major networks are going to be showing it, so it’s not like anything else is on.

Second, and more importantly, watching the State of the Union is an important part of being an informed citizen. While many individuals have convinced themselves that claiming they just don’t care about the state of our country (or the world), or even better, they don’t have an opinion, the fact is, that’s not an option. Both responses plainly say that you’re perfectly fine with someone else making decisions on your behalf, without your knowledge.

True, you alone may not be able to affect our country’s immigration policy, or enact tax cuts (or hikes), or solve our nation’s healthcare problems. But that’s doubly true, if you aren’t even aware that any of these things are happening.

So, to put it more bluntly — Suck it up! It’s only an hour of your life. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy being an engaged, concerned citizen.

More on the Story: NPR

…just for fun:


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  1. so, having given up more than an hour of my life, I’m left with what seemed to be a campaign speech by a man with no more campaigns to run and visions of John Boehner seeming to experience severe stomach pain over and over and over again…

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