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Science has done it again, and coffee drinkers, you’re going to feel validated.

Science has proven that those caffeine withdrawal headaches you suffer through are in fact real.

I said validated, not victorious.

Do you feel better now? Probably not if you haven’t had your caffeine fix today.

I don’t know if Science is taking requests, but a far more useful study (for me personally, this is a selfish request) would be one that proves that not everyone who drinks coffee has a caffeine addiction. All, I’m asking for is some sort of stat to toss out there the next time I say I have a headache and am asked, “Have you had your coffee today?”

Yes, I am a coffee drinker who has not once had a caffeine-withdrawal headache, it’s a personal point of pride for me. I’m not saying I’m the next evolution of humanity, but I’m not denying it either. Your move, Science.


TIME: Yes, Caffeine Withdrawal Is a Real Thing

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Asmall Price Topay says:

    Caffeine treats headaches even in the non-caffeine enlightened. That’s why it’s in all the over-the-counter headache meds.

  2. OMC says:

    Shut up 2WC and pass me the java…

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