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We live in an age of innovation, new thoughts and ideas are coming at us from all sorts of directions, in varying degrees of brilliance and actual usefulness.

Some of them are great and life-changing. I seriously don’t know how people lived with public transit before you could track your train or bus. Did you all just stand out in the cold and wait and pray? Some of them are totally unnecessary, but still awesome.

Still some of them make you wonder, and we needed this why?

And in that category, for your consideration, I present White Castle’s new veggie sliders. Go ahead, say it with me: Why?

First of all, I can’t imagine the vegetarians of the world were clamoring for a menu option at White Castle of all places, but correct me if I’m wrong vegetarians of the world.

Second of all, don’t be fooled, the presence of what were once vegetables in this tiny burger has not rendered it healthy, just meat free.

Finally, good for you White Castle. Someone has to start looking out for the burger joint loving vegetarians. It might as well be you.

USA Today: Dude, where’s my burger? White Castle rolls out ‘veggie sliders’

…bi-daily smile…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    does it lose its “veggie cred” when grilled on a flat-top literally dripping with beef (and beef by product) tallow???

  2. Go Green or Don't Go says:

    I think those are for non-alcoholic/”Colorado style” hangovers.

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