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3122stop_watchWe’re now three days into this glorious new year. So, I assume at this point you’ve at least thought about starting to get started on your resolutions for 2015.

For many those resolutions will include working out more, and lucky for you, the latest trends are making that easier and easier to do. Don’t have time to go to the gym, don’t worry the seven-minute workout is now en vogue. Are seven minutes too much of a commitment? Then how about the five or even one-minute workout?

I hate to stomp on the aspirations of those trying to change their health and daily routines for the better, but if your commitment to working out more involves a one-minute workout, I have to question what the actual commitment is.

I don’t doubt that there is some kind of health benefit if your one to seven minute workout is in fact a high intensity one to seven minute workout, but perhaps you’d be better off rewording your resolution. Perhaps it’s not about working out more, but about making the time to work out more. This new year, I think we could all afford to take our time.

TIME: Introducing the One-Minute Workout

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I've been blogging since 2009 along with my twin sister Zer. Together we are 2WC. I blog. I run. I love books, theater, movies, optimism, Oxford commas, and caffeine.

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  1. somehow I doubt the one minute workout will allow me to feel good about my caloric intake the rest of the day…

  2. Stay away from ambulances and hospitals!

  3. Putting the C in OCD.

    Look both ways on one way streets.

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