If you’re a would-be holiday baker, who just can’t seem to find the motivation this year, today is your lucky day. Forget the cheer, joy, and general pleasure of baking holiday cookies,  Earth needs you.

Yes, this year as you don your apron and prepare to spread edible merriment, you are also doing your part to slow global climate change.

So, what’s the magic ingredient? It’s not nutmeg. It’s not cinnamon…and no it’s not love. It’s the fact that you’re not likely adding palm oil to your lovingly crafted cookies (so it’s sort of love).

Time for a moment of truth. Much of the junk food we consume (pre-packaged cookies included) contains oil from the fruit of the oil palm tree, the clearing of which is a major contributor to climate change, not to mention that it’s devastating the natural habitat of orangutans.

This is not a guilt trip, so much as a boon for those bakers this holiday season. You’re not only spreading holiday cheer, you’re also spreading environmentally friendly habits (that are also high in sugar, but one global crisis at a time people). That’s something Santa (and especially his polar bear friends) can get behind.


Slate: Hold the Cookies, Save the Climate

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    So Gilligan started global warming…


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