into-the-woods-posterYesterday Zer covered the snubs of this year’s Golden Globes nominations, those overlooked. So, today, I thought I’d discuss the fortune tellers. You know them as, the nominated films that have not been released yet.

Is this basically a thinly veiled excuse to write about “Into the Woods”? Yes. Now, sit back and enjoy.

This is not that rare of an occurrence, a film being nominated before it’s been released, but with a movie like “Into the Woods” whose fan base has been very vocal with worries concerning the translation of  this beloved musical from stage to screen, this is a hopeful sign.

True, one of the nominations is Meryl Streep, who should just get an Oscar for gracing us with her talent, but the movie itself receiving an honor, that’s a good sign.

Yes, they may (I say “may” out of hope that they just forgot to list it on the soundtrack) have cut one of my favorite songs:

But, you have to admit at this point, it looks like they did a great job (I will share this, any chance I get):

So, fans who are still convinced that your favorite musical has been ruined, take a moment, take a breath, accept the inevitability that something has been changed (it’s a necessity…we all learned this from “Jersey Boys”), and continue counting down the days until Christmas. It’s going to be okay.

…bi-daily smile…

For those who can’t be consoled or convinced, watch this and be happy:


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