…Read Your Mind

PizzaAs we move into the cold winter months the allure of take-out, and its evil twin, take-out delivery, becomes harder and harder to resist.

Afterall, no one really wants to go out into the cold even if it is to pick up already prepared food.  It’s much easier to have someone else bring it to you.

Soon, the convenience of delivery take-out may be even stronger thanks to a new app from Pizza Hut.

If its test-run in the UK is successful, then you won’t even have to worry about deciding what you want to order, your subconscious will do it for you.

Using a fancy algorithm, 4,896 possible ingredient combinations, and eye-tracking technology, this app claims to determine what you want to order, even if you think you have no idea.

Scary, right?

The app supposedly gets it right 98 percent of the time, but it is pizza.  Assuming it doesn’t guess that you actually want a salad, it’s probably going to get it right.


More on the Story: Discovery.com

…just for fun:

Only 16 days till Christmas!


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  1. Just please don’t order the cheesy bread double stuffed meat lovers with anchovies…I am NOT thinking of that…

  2. What if “your eyes are bigger than your stomach?”

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