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peter pan live Last night’s “Peter Pan Live!” delivered on its promise to be the live television event of the season.

While it was by no means perfect, it offered an entertaining evening of live theater, not to mention some entertaining commentary on Twitter.

Just to be clear, this production was by no means a redefining moment for this musical classic.  It was not great, but it also wasn’t horrible.  It was cheesy, musical entertainment, and if it doesn’t put a smile on your face then you may be taking life too seriously.

For those who grew up watching an old copy of the Mary Martin “Peter Pan” from 1960 (yours truly included), this version of the classic musical was nearly unrecognizable. New songs were introduced, scenes were rearranged, and dance numbers were added. Plus, the hd cameras with some occasionally awkward angles added a new perspective. Still, the youthful energy and spirit of the show stayed intact.

Allison Williams enthusiasm was palpable and contagious. Plus, she could both act and sing well enough for the part, it was a welcome change.

While the Lost Boys may have been a bit overgrown, the dance numbers made the slight miscast worth it. Plus, the creative choreography used in the Lost Boy / Indian scenes was awesome.

While the jury seems to be split on Christopher Walken’s performance as Captain Hook, I think he did a phenomenal job. For those who missed last night’s performance, picture a tap dancing Christopher Walken, and that pretty much sums up his performance. It was a very different take on Captain Hook, but it worked.

All in all, it was a delightful evening of theater. And we can only hope that NBC keeps up this new holiday tradition…and it improves with time. I can hardly wait until next year’s “The Music Man.”

…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    recorded it!!! can’t wait for Cap’n Hooks “Need More Cowbells” number…


  2. I’m sorry. It was indeed delightful if you like camp, or trash, which I do. Allison Williams was far too “girly”, and I can’t believe you called her performance “enthusiatic”. It was the prettiest, most restrained rendition of “I’ve Gotta Crow” I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen about 20 live productions of this adaptation. A CGI Tinkerbelle? Christopher Walken as an old lady who looks like Christopher Walken? Using the same actor playing Mr. Darling to double as…Smee? Trying to paper over the Native American stereotypes by substituting Pacific Islander stereotypes? Sets by Sid and Marty Kroft (HR Pufnstuf)?? THREE FREAKING HOURS???

    Before the broadcast I couldn’t have believed they would do an even worse job than the previous dreck-fest “Sound of Music”. They did. I’m still giggling thinking about it.


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