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There’s nothing like a mid-season finale to get a fan following excited. And when that show is “The Walking Dead,” that excitement is mixed with a healthy dose of fear/paranoia, because we all know that a beloved character is probably about to bite it (or in some cases, be bitten).

Needless to say, the wait and speculation is pure agony.

And this past Sunday, that wait ended a bit sooner than many Walking Dead fans would have liked, as the show’s social media crew learned a valuable lesson about time zones. The show posted a touching RIP on Facebook for the dearly departed. It’s a beautiful post, the only problem is, it was posted before the show aired on the west coast, not to mention the rest of the planet, who were also thoroughly irritated by the spoiler.

I wouldn’t dare post it here, for those who prefer their Walking Dead DVR’d and three days later, but for those who’d like to see the post that jumped the gun. Here’s a link: Walking Dead on Facebook

The one bright side, of this epic spoiler, and really all social media fails is the snark fest that followed. It’s the witty silver lining.

The meme reactions ranged from outright denial (and missing a few apostrophes):

Melinda Marie Lozzi's photo.

To somewhat hostile:

With a general sense of disappointment:

I understand your frustration meme makers, it was not a great move, you feel betrayed. However, I’m also inclined to agree with the dearly departed Merle on this one:

Lonna Worthington's photo.

AMC even said they were sorry (with wit and a hashtag). What more do you want?

TIME: ‘The Walking Dead’ Facebook Page Posts Spoiler Before Finale

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  1. must have slept-walked through that one…

  2. They’re dead to me.

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