…speak for your selfie

selfieTwo days later, and many of us are still coming to terms with the lessons and results of Tuesday’s election. One party’s very happy, the other not so much, and I will be claiming neither.

However, regardless of which side of that aisle you fall on, I think we can all agree that it takes a certain level of stupidity to take a selfie of you and your ballot.

There are certain things that are so saturated with common sense that actually putting forth the effort to tell someone not to do them seems like an enormous waste of effort, and today we got another one: Don’t post a selfie of you and your ballot.

To be fair, it’s only illegal in 35 states, and some of these idiots were responding to requests from institutions that thought asking voters to photograph themselves in the voting booth was a good idea. You know, institutions like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

To be fair again, these institutions didn’t say anything about including a snapshot of your ballot.

I get it, if it’s not on Instagram, how is anyone supposed to know it happened? That’s what the sticker is for.



Go  forth and  Instagram the crap out of that sticker. You make that sticker go viral. I believe in you. America believes in you.


TIME: Why You Might Not Want to Take a Selfie at Your Polling Place

…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    I know our polling place LOVED the people with their smart phones out of their pockets…


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