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Stars and stripesIt’s election day across the great U.S.A., so I thought I’d take the opportunity to discuss one of the most divisive issues of our time.

I am of course speaking of that American treasure, Beyoncé. Specifically the rumors of a second surprise album from Queen Bey.

I wouldn’t dare do anything but praise the genius of this picture of perfection…seeing as her fans are known to be painfully loyal. However, doesn’t the existence of rumors, remove the “surprise” part of this album. An album that I’m sure everyone will love and praise and gush over…because that’s what happens when Beyoncé does anything and everything.

I wouldn’t dare deny her success and popularity, and I even enjoy some of her songs. I do however question the blind (and sometimes brutal) loyalty of some of her fans…but again…that’s beside the point.

One surprise album, you’re a trendsetter. Two surprise albums, you’ve decided you don’t need to market yourself anymore. Think about it blind loyalists…I mean fans.

It’s election day, what better day to remember our right to have our own opinions, and express them without fear of the mob, particularly a mob of overly enthusiastic fans, who can feel free to leave their own opinions in the comment section below.

Happy election day everybody!


TIME: Does Beyoncé Have Another Surprise Album Coming?

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    We must all be in agreement. Agreement is good and peaceful. Disagreement is wasteful and hurtful of others’ feelings. Bey is good – nay, Bey is awesome…


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