…Play Nice

20141018-133719-49039771.jpgIf you missed the Gamergate conversation that happened this week, then you might want to stop reading right now. I don’t want to be responsible for destroying any of your faith in humanity.

For those of you who choose to read on, you’ve been warned.

While it may seem somewhat laughable to think that a gamer (as in video game nerds) movement could be at the center of an incredibly discussion about how we treat each other as human beings, it is.

Gamergate started as a movement to take on “corruption” in games journalism. However, it’s recently become clear that this “movement” has attracted a crowd that is less than kind to those with whom they disagree.

Just this week, a female video game critic had to cancel an appearance at Utah State University when someone threatened “the deadliest shooting in American history.” Sadly, she is just one of a few women in the gamer community who have been targeted.

While this small sect of video gamers may not seem that threatening, they’re part of a larger problem that seems to be growing. In a world that has become less personal thanks to the in part to technology, anonymity has given rise to a lack of kindness.

We seem to have forgotten that our fellow inhabitants on this planet are human, too. They’re entitled to their opinions even if we don’t agree with them (assuming they’re not causing harm, obviously).

The point of this gamer-inspired rant?

Play nice. Remember those on the other end of your less-than-kind comments are people, too.

More on the Story: TIME

…just for fun:


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  1. Being nice is a dying trait…

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