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Winter is coming, and with it a slew of entertainment streaming options. For those who have ditched their cable subscription, their options just increased exponentially.

Yesterday, one of the cable companies greatest weapons in their war with streaming services announced that they’re cutting ties with cable. HBO announced that in 2015 they’re launching a streaming service that doesn’t require a cable subscription.

While that isn’t stellar news for the cable giants, it also should make streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime a little anxious. After all, there is a limit to how many streaming services one household can handle (right?), and HBO has quite a few original programs that could lure away potential customers.

If you’re finding yourself feeling sorry for the cable companies, don’t. While it may seem like they’re nothing without their bundled packages, they still have the advantage — sports.

While streaming may be able to offer nearly all the entertainment of your cable subscription, it still hasn’t quite caught up with live sports.

So, as long as you can only watch Monday Night Football or the Super Bowl through your cable subscription, the cable companies are doing fine.

More on the Story: Washington Post

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  1. OMC says:

    I’m thinking of going back to a console radio…


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