…Break Out



The same revolutionaries who brought you “free” two-day shipping, the theoretical Amazon Air delivery system, and the device you can use to pay for both of them, may soon be breaking the retail-mold again…sort of.

Rumor has it that the online retailer may soon be putting down some roots, of the brick-and-mortar variety, at a location in Midtown Manhattan.

Yes, that’s right, there may be an actual Amazon store.

The rumors were all but confirmed today when the online-shopping giant announced that they will open two pop-up stores in California for the holiday season.

While the rumored location is not convenient for most of us, who knows what it could lead to. Just think, one day you may have an alternative when that “free” two-day shipping just isn’t fast enough, or if the Amazon Air drone gets hijacked by a flock of geese (it could happen).


More on the Story: Fast Company


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  1. OMC says:

    so, the on-line company has decided a physical location isn’t such a bad idea after all…score one for the Luddites!!!


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