…take it all in

Happy Sunday!

If your weather was anything like it was here yesterday, we assume you’re just crawling out of your day of hibernation (perhaps featuring a “Gilmore Girls” Netflix marathon) to escape the nastiness that was yesterday, while praying that it wasn’t a precursor to the horrible winter ahead we keep hearing about.

Or perhaps you ventured out into the dreary, gray fall day and showed it who’s boss. We survived last winter, a little rain and temperatures in the upper 30s will not break us.

If you’re a St. Louis Cardinals fan it’s probably safe to assume that you’re coming to terms with last night’s game (as are your fingernails). Although, we’re sure that there’s no doubt in your mind that the Cards will still triumph…because that’s what they do…and why the rest of the world has such a lack of fondness for our red birds.

If that’s the case, then wow, you’ve had a hypothetically busy weekend…except for you hypothetical Netflix hibernators, hope that extra time with Rory and Lorelai was worth it.

Either way, we wish you a happy, relaxing Sunday…although you hypothetical hibernators, get up and do something, for your own good.

Happy Sunday…and of course…Go Cards! (tomorrow, that is)


…bi-daily smile…

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