…Sweeten the Deal

pepsi colaCalorie-counting Pepsi lovers, I have some good news and some bad news for you.

First, the good news — Pepsi has a new product called Pepsi True which claims to have 40 percent fewer calories than regular Pepsi.  Even better, it comes in a nifty green can, and gives you the opportunity to increase your usage of the word “nifty.”

Now, the bad news — it’s not available for purchase at your local supermarket, gas station, or vending machine.  In fact, if you have dreams of walking into an actual brick-and-mortar establishment, or spending your spare change to purchase a Pepsi True, then you might want to adjust your dream.

When it makes its debut, later this month, Pepsi True will be sold exclusively to US consumers on Amazon.com.

Yes, they’ve taken over yet another facet of your life.  Who even knew that you could purchase beverages of any kind on Amazon?

Okay, so obviously a lot of people do, otherwise Pepsi wouldn’t choose to make their product available solely on Amazon.

Still, it seems like an odd decision.  Soda (or pop…or coke) seems like more of a convenient impulse buy than an online purchase.  Although, I suppose clicking a button and having a case of soda show up on your doorstep in a few days is the pretty convenient.

Before you click the purchase button, just remember you’ll have at least two days to regret your impulse purchase.  I’m hoping Amazon doesn’t accept returns on food items…right?

More on the Story: Business Insider

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  1. OMC says:

    40% fewer calories, but don’t worry, you’ll also be expending fewer calories in the purchasing process…it will all work out for you in the end…


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