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Gilmore Girls

To say that it didn’t take me long to find the perfect show to kick off 2WC’s new “What to Watch Wednesdays” would be an understatement.

As luck would have it, all seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls” were added to Netflix today, but before you begin your Netflix binge on the awesomeness that is Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, I’d like to opine (briefly, I promise) over my love for the ladies of Stars Hollow and this show.

If I had to pick one show that introduced me to what great, smart dialogue on television can be, it’s “Gilmore Girls.” Not to mention the amazing strong female leads on this show, Melissa McCarthy back when she was Sookie St. James, Lorelai’s best friend and business partner, and an awesome theme song (by the wonderful Carole King).

“Gilmore Girls” taught an entire generation of girls that you could be a bookworm and fit in, or love rock music and be a cheerleader. Yes, these lessons were taught well before “Glee” came along. We learned that life will throw you curve balls, bad things will happen, things will not be handed to you, you have to work for what you want.

Of course, this was all while eating obscene amounts of takeout food washed down with vats of coffee and consequently talking at a rate that requires a certain level of wit to comprehend. And they talk about everything, seriously they rambled (in the most positive sense of the word) on about just about every topic known to man.  It was an important show for a lot of young women (and “Bunheads” could have been too, ABC Family…just saying), so if you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it enough, and if you have, you’re already familiar with its joys.

So, grab yourself a coffee and plenty of snacks (if you’re not hungry when you sit down to watch, you will be shortly after…they eat a ton), sit back and enjoy.


…bi-daily smile…

…and “Gilmore Girls” reincarnate that ABC Family let die:

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