…juice up

orange juiceIn a world full of superheroes, what difference can one more masked man make? Well, the orange juice industry is hoping, it’s quite a big one.

They’ve created a superhero which they’re hoping will help fight their plummeting sales.

Oh wait, I haven’t even told you his name—Captain Citrus


Now, before you scoff, I have to tell you that this is Marvel sanctioned.

Okay, now you can scoff.

I have to say, what breaks my heart more than the blatant branding attached to this superhero, is that the orange juice industry was forced into such circumstances. Have we really become an apple juice world? That’s a truth a refuse to accept.

Now, let’s talk nemesis. I assume that Captain Citrus’ mortal enemy will be a…wait for it…scurvy pirate…

Go get him Captain Citrus, the champion of breakfasts everywhere!

WSJ: Orange Juice Searches for a Fresher Image

…bi-daily smile…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    Next up…General Grape…Admiral Apple…Kaptain Kumquat (work with me here)…


  2. Vita Man says:

    Please tell me he’s gay. Anita Bryant would want it that way


  3. Vita Man says:

    They should have a whole group of disease fighters, The Vita Men. ( and vita women). Or maybe the women would be Supple Ments.


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