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filmToday marks the first post-summer blockbuster season Flick Friday, and I have to say, I’m at a loss for words.

Traditionally, at this time of the year, I’d share my thoughts on the woefully underrepresented female characters in the summer’s top-grossing films, but this headline from The New York Times gave me pause:

Sugar, Spice and Guts: Representation of Female Characters in Movies Is Improving


Drop the balloons, blast the confetti, clash the symbols! We are doing somewhat better!

Then through a haze of somewhat joy, I caught this:

From Now On, Women Save the World: Hollywood Has Realized That Movies Starring Women Can Make Money

Really? Don’t ruin this for us.

This is a moderate gender victory don’t soil it with a story about how a room full of men in Hollywood just realized that people will pay to see that one girl in “Hunger Games.”

It cheapens the win.

If you need me, I’ll be over here cheering on small victories, and preparing for bigger ones to come.


…bi-daily smile…

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